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65 Plus: 7 Tips To Live A Joyful Life (By Hifzur Rehman)

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If you are 65 plus then you are entering a new phase of your life which can either be more enjoyable or more miserable. Most people after reaching at this age group feel themselves miserable and worthless. They start losing interest in life and thus become victim of their own negative thoughts. Life is a beautiful gift of God and must be enjoyed gratefully and gracefully.

I am 65+ and, therefore, can give you advice out of my own experience. I have no regrets and I personally feel good about my age, health, social and other activities. You too can enjoy life at this age if you follow the following tips:

1. Smile

Start your day with a big, big smile. An innocent lively smile, coming deep from your heart, not only makes you feel happy about yourself but also keeps your face wrinkle free. Smile in the beginning of the day, keeps your worries away. Smile is, in fact, the most powerful human emotion that also makes other people smile. Greet everyone with a lively smile and make them feel good about you.

2. Eat Less, Walk More

Walk as much as you can. Walking is an activity that you must include in your daily routine life. At this age, it is more important to keep yourself physically fit and in shape. Avoid junk or deep fried foods. Eat only healthy foods and don't go after taste. Eat a lot of fresh fruit, nuts and vegetables. Avoid red meat and alcoholic drinks. If you are a smoker, then quit smoking.

3. Keep on Working

If your health permits then keep on working. However, keeping your age in view, do some light work and for shorter hours. You can also volunteer yourself for religious, social or cultural activities. Any type of activity that gives you the message that you are not a useless person, is good for you.

4. Share the Knowledge

Share what you have with the people who don't have. Share the knowledge that you have gained throughout your life. Give lectures or volunteer yourself to teach kids and youngsters the moral and ethical values so that they become good citizens. Besides sharing the knowledge, keep on reading books and improving your knowledge.

5. Don't Talk Health Problems

Don't talk about your ailments with everyone as this is never helpful rather embarrassing for some people. If you have some health problem then talk to your doctor who is in the best position to give you good medical advice. In order to live a disease free life, get regular medical checkups. Apart from taking medicines take preventive measures also.

6. Share the Money

You cannot take your money to the grave so think of sharing it with others. If you have money then use it for feeding the hungry and helping the poor people or give some money to the organizations that you think are doing good humanitarian work.

7. Live for Some Noble Cause

It is my personal experience that those people who live for some noble cause, live a long, joyful and disease-free life because God loves them. These are the people who not only live longer but also live forever in the hearts and minds of other people. You too can become a hero of some people.

Find Peace in Others' Happiness

We all feel we get peace as soon as we lose 10 pounds in body weight, as soon as we break a certain bad addiction, as soon as we shut our mouth in certain situations. These situations are good to go to find peace but only when you want that peace within you, it won't help others, it's only for your own cause but in reality, there is a percentage left behind which bothers you sometimes and you keep on looking for something else to complete that gap. Believe it or now it is around you, you just need to look for it and work on it.

Sometimes appreciating the small things, loving the little things makes so much meaning for others. Happiness lies in making happy others and a simple act of kindness to others make it happen. We have so many examples around us to be inspired from and apply those examples to do something good for others and make them happy. It is to understand what others think, feel and need. It is to say and do things that make them eager to be with us and to do these things, not for a fact but because it is natural for us to do them. It is to know the imperfection of others and yet see them perfectly. It is to grow into the heart of others to become the part of their life not bind their heart nor limit their lives in any way.

Making others happy can only be possible if you are happy and you can automatically get the ideas to make others happy, it all depends on the good moods, feeling good and always having positive vibes. Sometimes to be happy or making others happy is so simple that we miss it, actually miss the chance to take a pledge in doing something grateful to others but it is also a way of learning, don't regret on that instead take that opportunity and use it for the next level. There are numerous ways to help others, you all need is just a simple move and you will be on the right track.

Let's promise to ourselves today that we will never miss a single chance to make others happy whatsoever will be the way we will take that opportunity to put a smile on someone's face. This is the way you can be truly happy from inside despite looking for a reason to be happy and totally forget the "when I will be happy" attitude.

Your Inner Check Engine Light

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Something's wrong... how different life would be or how many might have been saved if only we had known that we came equipped with our very own 'check engine' warning indicator. When the check engine light in our car appears we react differently than when the coolant or oil light is on. Both can be serious, but the check engine light indicates a serious problem is looming now. It means we need to take action to find out what has triggered that warning and then act quickly to correct it. Failing to do so can be catastrophic; it is the same with humans. We need to learn to recognize the indications of this warning within to avoid disastrous or catastrophic results.

This process begins with reconnecting to our own inner guidance. The innate, or 'smart body' that surrounds each of us activates these signals. For a host of different reasons, we have learned to ignore its existence. The innate has many functions in our lives, some of which we are very aware of. It is that still small voice that says, 'Let's take a different route today,' or that sudden uncomfortable feeling you get when something dangerous is approaching you. It warns us intuitively to be aware of something or someone. It is that little voice that told you to do something differently that very likely altered the outcome of something important.

The innate is hyper aware of what is transpiring in our lives and in our bodies. When a potentially dangerous situation is developing in the physical body it begins the same process of attempting to alert us, pushing us to be aware and to act. You may suddenly become more aware of or interested in the effects of a disease like diabetes, lung, heart, brain or other issues. Articles about a specific medical problem may suddenly seem to crop up and catch your attention. Your attention may become focused on a particular body function, or your inability to do something that used to come easy. The changes may have been happening slowly but suddenly you are aware of them.

When serious illness that can become a threat to our life has begun to develop that can interfere with our ability to remain here on the journey, we begin to receive notice in several different ways. A sense of foreboding soon develops. It is a sense that we should teach someone how to do something we have been responsible for or even a loss of interest in things that were once important. Our thoughts may drift to who we should inform about where important things are kept or to getting rid of things in advance. There is an inner prompt to disconnect. This typically begins when we have ignored the warnings; we react like our car that begins to make loud unmistakable noises. It provides the opportunity to alter your course. This means you must act to avoid a serous collision with life, or take the exit ramp.

Message From the Universe: You Control Your Own Destiny

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"You know that possessing fabulous wealth creates a lot of responsibilities. Enormous responsibilities. HUGE.

Something to think about.

Really. Like, for 5 minutes a day in a dark and quiet room, see yourself being really, really responsible with fabulous wealth.

I think you're up to it, 
The Universe"

It's all about a feeling. You need to call it first within your subconscious mind so you can experience it and start bringing in wealth into your life. There is always a beginning to everything, and you are in control of the direction you want to take when moving forward in your life. The Universe is listening to your thoughts so make sure to make these thoughts about wealth and health. Do not let the petty things bother you or blur your vision. You need to focus and be clear with what you want. Do not confuse the Universe with conflicting thoughts. You do not want to feel you deserve wealth but yet, you add some low self esteem into the equation and it evens out the end result. You end up feeling like positive thoughts do not work because nothing ends up happening. The truth of the matter is that your thought creation process is based on your beliefs and desires to get what you truly want out of life, and that no matter what happens, you need to take responsibility for your own thoughts. If something bad happens, well, sorry to be busting your chops here but it probably originated a few months back when you were thinking negatively to events or circumstances. All this needs to change as soon as possible and it would be to your advantage to start focusing on more positive thoughts coming into your life.

Many may challenge my thinking by saying:"Well, Dan, I just lost my home, my wife cheated on me, my kids do not want to talk to me, I hate my job, I am not in shape, and yada yada yada". First, back up for a second. Listen to the thoughts you are having at this moment. Are they positive or negative in nature? Do you feel being productive when thinking about what was previously mentioned?

So let's dissect this for a moment. "Lost your home": Ask yourself due to what reason that happened. Did you miss payments? Did you not try to ask for assistance for refinancing at lower interest? Did you not utilize all options available to you prior to losing your home? You can ONLY be the one answering this questions as I know NOTHING about your living situation. Let's say you did lose it. Sorry about all of this but you can go and look for somewhere to live.

Next. "Your wife cheated on you". Sorry to be the one being the bearer of bad news but you are NOT the only one suffering from this predicament. Women are more inclined to perform adultery instead of their male counterpart. Many reasons of what happened can be shared with you but women cheats because the man is not around to fulfill their emotional needs, and sometimes, physical. Just have an open communication with your soon to be ex-wife and find out the reasons as to why that happened.

Let's move forward. "Your kids are not talking to you". You are the father, so you can have an honest mature conversation as to why this is happening. If they are teenagers, it might not even be your fault but you need to make sure that there are no other reasons. Teenagers can over-react for the little things and maybe it is something you did in the past they didn't rub the right way so they rebel by not speaking to you. Figure this out.

Hate your job? That is NOT the first time I hear about it. Find out the reason WHY you hate your job. Are they limited opportunities? You hate your boss? No one values your work or input? If you feel that you are stagnating at your job, make a change. Starting looking for different options and act on them. Do not wait for opportunities to fall on your lap because that will NOT happen. You might be at the right place at the right time, but you still need to be the one taking the step forward. The Universe will put you at the right place and right time but will expect you to meet it half way. Take that step and make a change in your life by wanting better things that will make you love your new job. Finally, you feel you are not in shape. Now that is a good one. There are around 100 000 gyms facilities or more in this country that meets every budget and demands of every members you can imagine. Don't want to go to gym because of intimidation? Start by walking 30 minutes a day, its free and help you bring in more oxygen into your body. That's already a good start. Take action and stop complaining. All of your complaints can be resolved when you start being aware of what is going on in your life, and how you can start making the changes needed to become a better and happier person.

You Are The Source Of All Your Happiness

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One of the best accomplishments and most vital achievements we can have in life is to take control of our internal space; our feelings, contemplations, discernments and states of mind. All are in the domain of individual decision in the event that we know how to recuperate them. Feelings are a type of vitality and everyone creates a specific recurrence either high or low. For instance, sentiments of peace, liberality and positive attitude are high; sentiments of judgment, self-uncertainty, and anger are low.

I believe happiness is a choice - that you have the ability to create genuine and enduring happiness for yourself. Don't let your mind wander all day without direction or self-monitoring. Change your life by taking control of your feelings as opposed to being assumed control by them. Try not to give your musings a chance to flee your tranquility. Assume responsibility for yourself and pick contemplations that will help you.

Happiness is your choice, regardless of what's happening around you - to a specific extent. Clearly, there are times when satisfaction will take a secondary lounge, similar to when you're lamenting or in grieving. Most of the other times in our lives though, we actually choose not to be happy, by not choosing to be happy. Being positive, smiling and happy when every other person has an instance of 'Mondayitis' incredibly affects those that you meet.

Have you at any point had a companion, a relative, an associate who is by all accounts constantly ready to see the positive side of things in each circumstance? As you may figure, yes these individuals are known as the optimists. These individuals have figured out how to transform their negative sentiments into positive musings, in this manner they enhance their general point of view by and large. Being happy and positive requires courage. It's a capacity to acknowledge botches completely and assert responsibility for.

One tool that is often used to help people begin to think more positively or to become happier is called Positive Reframing. It is important to note that it does not change what had actually happened, it just changes the way you react to the circumstances. Reframing essentially implies that you take a circumstance that could be esteemed negative and transforming that experience into one that is a more target, positive and empowering manner.

The biggest mistake people make is to see negativity and positivity as polar opposites. The world is full of multiple shades of gray, and a healthy approach would be to remain mindful of 2 facts:

1. Everything has flaws, no matter how perfect it seems from the outside.

2. Every flaw has positive features, no matter how defeated they look from the outside.

Well ordered guidelines to be happy even in the most challenging circumstance:

1. Always smile 
2. Review all the blessings in your life 
3. Reward yourself sometimes 
4. Stop whining and appreciate 
5. Surround yourself with positive people 
6. Help others and learn to forgive 
7. Exercise to uplift your mind 
8. Change your attitude

Try practicing these secrets as frequently as you can until it turns into your propensity. The law of attraction will begin taking a shot at you. You will find your life changing in a positive way and begin perceiving how the universe is responding to your every desire like a miracle. Remember - "Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in concordance".

Stand in Your Power

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Using systems of "allowing" can help you move through life with least resistance and friction. By constantly keeping in mind precisely what you want, your point of attraction becomes like a magnifying glass under direct sun, able to start a fire.

Focus on your emotions and feel your way to your future reality. Let go of resistance. Change how you view and respond to life. Try to deliberately look at the positive and you will become a master-framer of life. You have the power to frame the next segment of your life.

Visualize things the way you want them to be. For example, before you pick-up the phone, think through conversation and feel it going well. Prepare yourself for what comes next will be good for you. Grow your power by directing your thought to the positive perspective. Allow yourself to be positively playful. You have the ability to put your life in a sweet frame. Your can offer up your problems and see each being solved. Have faith.

Mastering the fear that whispers in your ear, is the key to open the door to success and happiness. The players in the game of life boldly step to the front. Fear keeps many spectators in back row wondering, "What will they say?" Struggle is not a disadvantage but an advantage. It develops qualities in you that may have lain dormant without strife to awaken them.

Simple means of allowing. Songs have a way to move us to a state of exultation and celebration. There is such a beauty to singing it out; songs can bring us to states of self-power and expression. Use this power often. Free yourself through song whenever the mood strikes.

Every now and then feel free to just let it out, beat a pillow, scream, belt out a heartfelt song, take a run, punch a bag, and kick something. But the best option of all is to have a big old belly laugh. Own your feelings and embrace them. Try to laugh when possible. Laughter is one of the greatest healing agents. Babies laugh hundreds of times a day. Adults laugh very little. There is even a yogic practice where you just make yourself laugh by pretending and you can't help but feel lighter.

As you continue to grow along your personal journey, know that the strength is within you. Be the you, you know you can be and start today!

Clearing The Castle

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Life is hard enough as it is without having a place to retreat to. Your home is your castle. That is why I believe it is so important to keep it peaceful and balanced. Without a place that you feel safe in, you never really get the opportunity to unwind and decompress. I like to feel that your home, your castle is a sacred place. So the importance of clearing it takes on a new meaning.

Have you ever gotten sick while you were traveling? It's the worst. The first thought that so many of us have is we want to be home. Why is that? It's because somehow we feel comfortable, in control in our own environment. I have been fortunate enough to have traveled quite a bit. And there comes a point when you just crave home, no matter how much fun or how nice the place you are visiting. We all know that famous line, "There's no place like home".

So what do I mean when I say clearing the castle? Exactly what it sounds like. Clearing it off all the things that take away the peace, joy and comfort one needs to relax and reflect in. Holding this space as sacred as life itself. So how do you clear the castle? Here are a few tips that I have found to be helpful.

1. Your castle doesn't need to be meticulous, but it should at least be organized. Knowing where everything is, or at least the area in general will save on time and confusion. If you share your castle with another, it gets a bit more complicated. Which leads us to the next tip.

2. Have your own space in your shared space. I have been with my wife for 15 years at the time of this writing. What is interesting to so many people is, when they find out that when we travel, we both have our own bedrooms and bathrooms. Although we have connecting rooms, this allows for each of us to completely relax. We are generally on different sleep schedules so this provides the space to sleep without interruption. It also allows for us to have separate TV's should we find we're in different show mode, or if one of us want to read in quiet. And finally, there is no competing for a bathroom. Same holds true for our castle. We both keep our own space.

3. When sharing a castle, be mindful of the energy. You know those one hundred and one things that your partner does to irritate you? Try your best not to bring them up. Be it dirty clothes on the floor, leaving lights on or dishes in the sink. If its going to be a nightly discussion that turns into an argument, leave it alone. Would you rather be right, or rested? Hence having your own space.

4. Get rid of all the things you no longer use, want or need. I once read a book years ago that said if you do not use an item in a year, get rid of it. I'm a little more practical. But, if you're holding on to clothes for example, that you have not worn in 5 years, ask yourself if you really need it, or can you make space for the new?

5. Design your castle how you want to feel. Mine is set up for comfort and convenience. I'm a fan of art, music and spiritual things. You will not find a room in my castle that does not have 2 if not all 3. This speaks to both my wife and I. It represents how we want to feel. No matter what the day holds for us, when we come home the castle is clean, comfortable and peaceful.

Like it or not we all are a product of our environment. There are so many things beyond our control. So, what you can control, you should control. This is your castle. Be it you're renting a room from someone, or you own your own home. Those 4 walls that contain you hold power. There are numerous studies to suggest just that.

A little thing like decorating, cleaning or clearing the castle can pay huge dividends to your life. Make the effort. It does not require a lot of money, if any at all. So remember the next time you're having an awful day or counting down the hours at work, think "there's no place like home".