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Why You Should Start A Passion Project

Is there something you yearn to do? Maybe you haven't told anyone... but still, you keep thinking about it.

Maybe you dream of publishing a graphic novel

or taking the world of knitting by storm with bespoke mittens.

Maybe you are fascinated by origami

or you've always wanted to learn Italian.

But so far you haven't pursued it because it doesn't seem practical. Or responsible. You've got a list of things to do and if it's not on the list, it's not important. Who has time to be frivolous?

I invite you to start a passion project.

A passion project is a trendy name for doing something that excites and inspires you. You do it for your own satisfaction, not for anybody else's. It piques your curiosity and spurs your energy. It doesn't need a purpose.

If you're already thinking "I don't have time for that", then consider this: passion projects are about fostering your well-being by doing something that lights you up.

Passion projects are about freedom too, because there are no rules about what a passion project should be.

The way to begin finding your passion is simple: be curious. Pay attention to what interests you. Your project is something you are drawn to, not something you think your way to. That's why it's a passion project - it elicits a strong emotion. It makes you feel like "Oooh! Yes, THAT!"

If you find yourself describing it with language like "implementing synergistically scalable benefits" you are probably heading in the direction of a resumé-padding project, not a passion project. Check in with your curiosity again.

Are you still resisting your project? Don't judge or censor your ideas with criticisms like "that's silly" or "I can't do that" or "what will people think". It's not about the results, it's about creative action on your terms.

You get to devote as much time and energy to it as you want. Remember, the main benefit of doing a passion project is this: it feels good. It nourishes your spirit. Do not underestimate the power of generating positive feelings - this is what happiness is made of.

A passion project may provide other benefits like learning new skills, meeting new people, contributing to a current career or developing a new one. These bonuses are like icing on the cake. But even if they don't happen, the inspiration, sense of satisfaction and meaning the project provides will carry over into other areas of your life in beneficial ways.

University of Pennsylvania professor Adam Grant writes about pursuing creative interests: "Relative to typical scientists, Nobel Prize winners are 22 times more likely to perform as actors, dancers or magicians; 12 times more likely to write poetry, plays or novels; seven times more likely to dabble in arts and crafts; and twice as likely to play an instrument or compose music."

Play with your curiosity and let yourself explore something new. You never know where your "Oooh! Yes, THAT!" will take you.

Message From the Universe: Where Do You Find Joy?

"If you ask me, I'd say the main thing to keeping the main thing is reminding yourself as often as you can of where the most joy will come from.

Ain't no thing, 
The Universe"

What fascinates you? What keeps you going every morning after you wake up? What motivates you to move forward? What makes YOU happy and filled with joy? I can bet you that many may not have answers to these questions because they are so engulfed in the day to day responsibilities that they ignore the many precursor signs that can push them to the brink of depression. It can be hard to just forget or forgo our responsibilities and just live life with no obligations. This is when we remember how teenage life was so awesome, even with our zits and braces. I am sure that living life then wasn't without chores or other kind of requirements but most didn't worry about not having anything to eat or having to work part time at McDonald to put food on the table for the family because of disabled parents that can't work. Scenario of this sort can steal someone teenage years and force them into adulthood pretty fast, because of situation that may be out of their control and having to step up to the plate and be adults. Life will come and hit you like a ton of brick and will dictate your future if you let it. Obstacles will come and go but your determination shouldn't change regardless. The going will get tough, I agree, but your desire to succeed should overcome all obstacles you may face in life, today or tomorrow.

There are two things WE can't control in life, and I am not talking about taxes or death. I am talking about Yesterday and tomorrow, and the ONLY moment you can live in is TODAY. This day is what you need to focus on because once yesterday is passed, all events, circumstances, hurdles, challenges and whatever else you faced is already done with, and tomorrow is very difficult to anticipate or predict. What's left? Well, it really depends on how you see your TODAY. Will you let your yesterday control your today or tomorrow? Will you allow past dreadful events dictate how you should behave from this point forward? How and where will you find joy, despite all the crap you are dealing with? The answer to this last question depends on how much grudge you keep inside you or how you brush off things and move forward, with a smile on your face and your head held high.

4 Amazing Resources To Shape A Happier You

While happiness comes from within and it's our sole responsibility to choose to be happy, there are some amazing resources in the market today that are dedicated to helping you to become happier.

These resources are some of the top ones available that can be utilized especially when you find yourself in the downward emotional spiral. A common theme surrounding these resources is that they all want to embrace happiness for everyone and would love you to be part of the cause.

Here are the top 4 you can use for any purposes:


As its front page suggested, Action For Happiness helps people take action for a happier and more caring world. Their vision is to build a happier and more caring world so that fewer people will suffer from mental health problems while more people will function better and help others.

They have a famous course called Exploring What Matters that is supported by the Dalai Lama. Other available information includes the Happy Café Network as well as groups and events that you can participate in which are all centered around the topic of happiness.


Project Happiness is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering people with the resources to create greater happiness within themselves and the world.

They specialize in emotional resilience-building programs that are used by varying age groups and endorsed by public schools, private institutions and Universities around the U.S. and the world.

They teach about self-awareness and touch on some tough subjects like bullying and what to do about it. They have written a book called The Project Happiness Handbook that can be found on Amazon. The book was written to help you get to know yourself and how to master your emotions. When you have a handle on that, this sets the stage to become happier.


As the name suggests, this website helps you cultivate your awareness and connection with happiness. They have a great variety of resources dedicated to inspire happiness and well-being.

They have a wonderful Happiness Directory that includes all kinds of inspirational quotes, fun websites and apps, informative books, conferences and clubs that positively affect your wellbeing.

It's a very simple website but the value inside is immense to everyone who wants to be happier.


Finally, we have this non-business, non-profit, science-based informational website that work very hard in the past 12 years to "bring the science of happiness to life."

They are formed by a group of psychologists, philosophers, educators, and web professionals dedicated to the advancement of scientific knowledge about happiness and depression prevention.

They have an interesting happiness quiz as well as a test to measure if you are depressed. (Note: They do give a disclaimer stating such a test should not be used as a self-diagnosis.)

The site also has information regarding the actual science of happiness along with a history of happiness. They have a decent blog that discusses topics such as how diet can affect your mood and your ability to be happy. I highly recommend you to sign up their newsletter for their top-notched value-packed information.

It's Okay to Not Always Be Happy

People are often told to smile or made to believe it's unacceptable to experience uncomfortable emotions. For women, a bad day is maybe blamed on PMS, or menopause or some other mysterious female ailment. Thus many women bury their true feelings under a false cheerfulness. For men a bad day is maybe blamed on having an argument with their partner or a difficult day at work.

That's not okay because it's okay to not always be happy, otherwise it's the only feeling we'd be equipped with. By embracing our own emotions and not feeling as if we are obligated to conform to society's expectations of emotional expression, we can improve our emotional health.

Don't Worry, Be Happy

That song became an expression to fuel a generation encouraging casting worries aside to be forgotten and just smile. Although the song has valid points such as not allowing excessive worrying to dictate our life, it does give the impression that happiness is an expectation. That expressing other emotions is taboo and that we are somehow diminishing the joy of others by not projecting happiness-no matter what our true feelings may be.

As if we must walk around with an unnatural smile on our face and bury our hurts, disappointments, and fears. This could result in bottling up emotional baggage to bury and endure. When people ask us to smile even if we don't feel like smiling, the action may be more uncomfortable than not. Or we may become resentful of the person who assumes we are angry or unhappy if we are not displaying happiness no matter what inner turmoil we may conceal.

Experience your Feelings-Not What You Think You "Should" Feel

Everyone doesn't express emotions in the same manner-and that's okay. This trait is part of what makes us unique individuals. Try to disregard those that disdainfully suggest we refrain from being a "Debbie Downer" or who complain if they assume we are being a "Positive Pollyanna." The only person to be held responsible for our feelings is ourselves.

Everyone doesn't cry at a funeral and some people cry at every commercial on television. What brings one person joy may not stimulate a smile from their closest friend. Emotional expectations vary from culture to culture as to what is deemed appropriate or rude in emotional expression. The environment in which we were raised and the manner in which our family expresses feelings, could influence emotional reactions.

Judging someone based solely on their emotional response is likely to produce an incorrect assumption. When unsure of the emotional well-being of a loved one, it's okay to just ask rather than encourage them to smile away their troubles.

For a person we know well, a significant change in their usual demeanor may be obvious. Take the time to offer a chance to talk, or purge a bottled up emotion. If they aren't ready to talk, let them know you're available if they change their mind. Likewise, if they offer a willing ear, consider taking them up on the offer.

My wish for you today is for you to find joy in experiencing your emotions and uncover the genuine happiness you deserve

Stress Is A Product Of Guilt, And How To Eliminate Them


The human being is often misperceived as a single individual. That is very far from the truth. In fact, we are a sort of apartment complex with several different beings all living in the same building.

Stress is caused by guilt. Guilt is caused by an inner conflict between two of the tenants in the building, your animal nature and your ego/personality, which is programmed by your culture and upbringing.

The ego tells you what is right and what is wrong, which is often in conflict with your animal nature - the body which has its own mind - which doesn't have the constraints of ethics, morals and cultural or religious values that the ego-personality has.

When you have certain desires of the animal nature which conflict with what you think you should feel, that creates guilt and then that guilt creates stress. This still happens even if you do not follow through on your desires, simply desiring is enough to cause guilt and confusion.

We can use a simple example, and apply this principle to many things in anyone's life. A devoted married person may see someone else and sexual desires arise. These desires cause guilt because the concept is that if you are in love and married, you should be satisfied. The desires bring question as to your devotion and also the depth of your love. This leads to guilt for having desires which could lead to being unfaithful, and to doubt if you are really in love. All this causes tremendous stress.

The solution to this perpetual, never-ending stress, by anyone who believes they have good morals, is the acceptance that you are multiple beings. You are an animal and your animal nature and desires will always be there and never go away. That part of your being has no concept of anything other than feeding its desires immediately as it feels them. It is totally unconcerned with anybody else and who or how they get hurt in any way. It is totally self-centred.

When you experience these feelings and desires which are selfish and even could inflict physical, emotional or mental harm on another human being - and you still want it regardless of the harm it will cause - and you feel guilty about that, it's because you deny the reality of the cohabitation of the animal nature and the ego/personality into one body, even though they are two totally separate beings.

The self-lies that; 'I am a spiritual being', and 'I am a single individual being' are the false beliefs behind the pain. Accepting the truth that a human is a combination of multiple, totally different and opposing beings, trapped within a single body, helps you resolve the guilt of your feelings and allows you to use your intellect and not follow those feelings or desires (because you know better) and you won't feel guilty about having those desires, even if they're constant.

Two animals of different species will eat different foods; meat or vegetarian, live in different places; up in a tree or burrow in the ground, but yet share the same watering hole to drink the same water.

When the guilt is removed, the stress is automatically eliminated and thus more energy - mental and emotional - and focus is available because it's not wasted on guilt and stress. This brings a greater balance to your personality and in that you will no longer feel the conflicts - eventually - once you have fully integrated this acceptance.

The reality through self-observation of the multiplicity of beings in one body is the value behind the saying; Know Thyself.,-And-How-To-Eliminate-Them&id=9580905

Living in Your Head? 7 Ways to Stop Over Thinking

Living in Your Head?

7 Ways to Stop Over Thinking.

Ever wrestled or struggled with the problem to the point of really over thinking it? We all have. You have probably found it a futile exercise for the unsolvables in your life. Your mind becomes an echo chamber because the answers are not there! It's like a hamster wheel that keeps going around and around and goes nowhere. Here are seven ideas for you to consider the next time you find your mind repeatedly going over and over problems that yield no answers to life's questions and your personal dilemmas...

Number one. The 95% rule--95% of what you imagine never actually happens. Many studies have found that most of what you imagine never actually happens in real life.

Number two. Never go there alone-- your mind is a scary place, never journey there alone according my father-in-law Tom. The solution is to share your burdens and get a second or third set of eyes on your problem or issue. Ask others that you trust what they see as plausible solutions for the things you wrestle with.

Number three. Never, never try to solve issues after 7 PM--Your prime time for problem-solving is well past. Go to bed and get a good night's sleep and go at it again fresh in the morning. You will find that a good night's rest will always bring a hopeful and new perspective to life's problems. Sleep on it!

Number four. Stop contingency thinking--You have no need of plans B, C, or D. Go and write out the facts and wait before you plan going forward. Consider what you know to be true. Why waste your time creating contingency plans in your mind when you're not even sure they are needed? Stop and consider!

Number five. Go with what you know--operate only in the fact that you know. Do not peddle in what you suspect, imagine or negatively narrate. Keep on point and never base your life on pure supposition or lack of knowing all the facts. Just the facts chief!

Number six. The other oriented-- Begin to make your life focus on others and participate in making others lives better. You will be happier and not live in your head if you practice being other oriented and more selfless. Givers gain!

Number seven. Stop missing life--Start participating and stop missing out on life because of the tendency to live in your head. Your distraction with your issues will only cause you to be forfeit when it comes to actually enjoy fully participating in life. Joyfully participate!

Number seven and a half. Pray and surrender. Actually go to God and surrender in prayer and give it to Him. Release, abandon, and let go of that which you have no control. Get free of your baggage!

Point of all this is to stop living in your head and begin to be other oriented and to actually enjoy life based on facts. Stop struggling with issues that you have no control over. Make life fun and be present and joyfully participate once again and you will be happier and so will those around you.

Message From the Universe: When SMILING Gives You Wings! Or Is That Redbull?

"Did you know that the average person looks 793.7% more attractive when they smile?

Not to mention healthier, wiser, slimmer, richer, and cooler.

They do.

And smiles "become things" too, 
The Universe"

Not surprised at all with that statement. People are more attracted to people who smile vs people who frown. Unless you are a miserable person, you will be attracted to people who live a miserable life and share their sorrows and ungratefulness to the rest of the world. There are plenty of them with this kind of approach to life and how many more can they bring with them to the abyss of depression. It is really your choice to decide what path you would like to take. Believe me, the opposite direction to depression and sadness and misery is always the better one. Change your perspective, change your life forever and decide today to make a change for the better. Your attitude will change accordingly as you will not let the little things bother you any longer. You will look at life with eagerness and joy. You will not allow the small things bother you, nor the big things either. All great challenges in life are dealt better when being calm, stress free. When something happens out of your control, there shouldn't be any apparent reason why you should panic because this event would have occurred no matter what, because it was meant to be, regardless of how much you tried to avoid it or control the outcome. You need to learn to live with it and construct ways to control your feelings and emotions to properly find logical solutions.

It may be hard to smile when dealing with crap on a daily basis, I agree with you on that one. Just look at it this way. Don't you sometimes come across someone who behaves so immaturely towards you and is so stupid that you can't help yourself from laughing, even if their stupidity costs you time and energy or money? Their stupidity is out of your control, obviously, but you learn to accept it or not deal with that person any longer. So you just deal with the damage done and move forward. So let's consider life events to be stupid and immature and having to deal with them with damage control in mind. Life events are out of your control so the only thing you can actually do is just laugh at the situation and figure out how to alleviate the damages. Not much else you can do but once you have mastered this process, I can assure you that your smile will come back and you will attract more good things in your life that will make you forget the bad ones.!-Or-Is-That-Redbull?&id=9517744