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Inspiring Others - Demonstrating a High Level of Motivation

Most of us feel bogged down in life with stresses, pressures and challenges. Have you ever thought of rising above these factors and standing out? Why not set a bright example for others? In fact, how can you demonstrate a high level of motivation in order to inspire others? Read on for getting insights.

There are several solid ways you can stay motivated and also inspire others. Have a look at the following scenarios.

· Your wife and child are both sick at home. You are extremely worried. But the moment you reach your office, you start to carry out your duties with such enthusiasm that you forget your family for the time being. At lunch break, you share your personal story and everyone is startled that in spite of that, you are able to work so spiritedly. One hour before the office closes, you give a round-up of your work and drop in a line that you have to leave the office early because of your personal problem. Nobody minds including your boss. You have worked hard and demonstrated it all. So you are well off; you are good to return home and look after your family.

· Your boss criticizes you badly in front of others. He points out the flaws in your work project and rebukes. There is pin drop silence all around. You just say humbly, "I will work it out. " Over the span of the next few days, instead of being gloomy, you take your boss's words as constructive criticism and work in all angles, heeding your boss's requirements all along. By the end of the week, you give a finishing touch to your work project and come up with a smart presentation in front of others including your boss. There is a big round of claps and applause. You not only made it but also were an inspiration to everyone.

· One of your colleagues is stuck with her work project. She doesn't know how to begin. You give her a boost with a few keywords to work on and Google over the web. Your colleague grabs them and gets the head start immediately. In fact, you have inspired her to begin her project avidly.

· Your colleague has been criticized badly by your boss in front of others. He is feeling sulky and embarrassed. You uplift his confidence by pointing to him what options he has to rectify his mistakes. You present to him a few scenarios and tools as well to work with. Your colleague regains his composure and starts to work zealously on what you have just demonstrated.

These are a few ways that you can be a source of inspiration for others, standing out from the rest, setting yourself as a brilliant example for others.

Manifest Success

Congratulations to those of you who understand the value of setting goals and creating action plans and timetables to inspire and guide you as you work to put your plans in motion. Note to self--- recognize that in addition to working hard, you must also create conditions in your life that promote and nurture success.

The most successful among us eventually develop what some call "enlightened self-interest" that encourages us to acknowledge our priorities and maintain boundaries in our personal and professional spheres. Some in your circle may become indignant when forced to honor your boundaries, but you'll come to know who your friends are and who are not. Consider the process a character development and leadership lesson.

I. Just say no

If you prefer not to make a certain commitment, then respectfully decline. Perhaps you already have many irons in the fire and your schedule is filled. Maybe you'd rather take it easy for a while, to rest and refresh your energy reserves.

If the timing is wrong or if something you're asked to do doesn't feel right, you are not obligated to participate. Those who have vowed to sweet-talk (or arm-twist) you into such an arrangement may become upset, but do not be swayed by those who would resort to manipulation or even bullying. You are in the driver's seat of your life.

II. Define boundaries

Everyone likes to be liked. We feel good when we help others and make them happy. But the price of acceptance will never hinge upon the "right" of others to control your life. If you feel pressured by certain individuals, recognize that feeling as a sign that your boundaries are being violated.

Someone is attempting to "cross a line" and does not know his/her place, or role, even if that individual is a parent or sibling. No one has a "right" to violate boundaries. Politely but firmly push back and do not allow yourself to be bullied. If the violator persists, well, now you know who loves and respects you and who doesn't. Assess how you can limit, or cease, your interactions with such people.

III. Ask for it

What do you want? The sale? The assignment? Your team to work at 110% capacity? If you want it, then ask for it!

You must also be prepared to earn it, to demonstrate that you deserve the reward. If you expect your team to work at 110%, then you must work at least that hard, or more so. If you want the sale or the contract, then show the client why you deserve it and how hard you'll work to earn it and then fulfill or exceed all expectations when it is awarded to you.

IV. Release the negative

Mistakes are made and bad things sometimes happen. As a result, you may feel hurt or resentful. If you feel the need to go there, give yourself permission to wallow in those feelings for a while, because you are human. However, you cannot allow yourself to remain stuck in the quicksand of negative feelings. At some point you must take a deep breath and let it go, as you step forward toward your vision of a successful future. You have goals and an action plan to help you reach them. Let that propel you out of the muck of resentment. Success is the best revenge.

V. Walk, don't run

OK, you're on a roll, you have plans and a timetable, you want to get things done. You may not feel that patience is a virtue and explaining things twice to your team members or other supporters could seem like an aggravation. Before you travel too far down that road, stop; breathe. Look at the big picture.

Remember that an ounce of prevention is worth many pounds of cure. Avoid cutting corners. Do not get slap-dash. Make sure that your execution is accurate and that you are moving in a direction that will bring about the desired outcomes. Invest some time to get the buy-in of key stakeholders. You will be successful if you allow success to happen!

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If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It

A dream is a vision of a compelling future. It provides inspiration and motivation for the dreamer. The more critical the dream is, the easier it is to go through the inevitable setbacks in life. Expect to be knocked down but never give up. You can make your dream happens.

Making dreams happen only proves what kind of individual we are. It means we know what we really want in life. Everyone has a dream but it takes a lot of patience and hard work to realize it.

Putting your dreams into reality is a serious business. This is not the type of dream when you are asleep but the kind of dream when you are aware about it. It is the natural human drive to find meaning by expressing unique talents and sharing those talents with others.Truly successful people are big dreamers who find their dreams and inspire others. They make a difference.

Your knowledge is not enough. No matter how intelligent you are, if you do not couple your dream with action, it's nothing. To accomplish your visions, you must take action. Take small steps at a time. Don't be afraid to dream. If you put hard work towards something, anything is possible. It can be achieved through your determination. Every great success begins with a dream.

A dream is what it takes to make things happen. In order to transform our dreams into reality; we must wake up and chase our dreams. We must not dream of acting when the circumstances are ripe or perfect, instead, we must create those circumstances for ourselves because success will never be served to us on a platter. We need to work hard. It is a gradual, continual process. Success cannot be achieved with just one fell swoop. It requires patience and perseverance.

According to some, the people who actually do something are not dreamers; rather, they are men of action, who fill their lives with positive action and result-oriented performance. However, it is necessary to understand that it all begins with a dream. No matter how unachievable a task might seem, what the human mind conceives it achieves.

Dreams are the stepping-stones upon which our successes are laid. More essential than conceiving a dream is to pursue it even in the face of dire adversity. Mere dreaming has not led anyone anywhere but when you couple it with action, it will lead you to what your heart aspires.

Thus, you can make your dreams come true if you wholeheartedly work to achieve them.

Whatever objective we have needs to be clearly charted out and the means to achieve such a dream should be well-defined.,-You-Can-Do-It&id=9754836

The Beauty of The Law of Attraction

There are a lot of different ways that you can look at the world. In fact, there are so many, it's hard to keep track of them all. When you find yourself amidst changes in life, and you aren't sure how to move forward with life, you may need to focus on something new. Life has a way of bogging people down, and you could end up in doldrums as a result. To avoid that, you will need to look at things differently. One way to do this is to explore the Law of Attraction. This is an option that is getting a lot of attention lately, because it seems to work beyond what people may have previously thought. If you are focused on this, you can lock into the greatness that comes from financial success.

Embracing Positivity

The biggest draw for people that are looking at this option is simple, positivity. Think about the many negative elements in life. All you have to do is turn on the television for a few moments, and you will be hit with all the negativity that you could muster. Now, imagine doing this daily. Millions of people focus on the bad side of things, the media, and lots of different opinions on matters that they have no control over. There's nothing wrong with being informed, but when those things build up within the mind, fear, sadness, anxiety, and much more start to takeover. That's not a fun thing at all.

Instead of embracing all those things, a good way to move forward is to look at the positive elements that can manifest from joy, happiness and the likes. This is what the law is really about. Focusing on the positive things that can come from self-improvement.

The Starting Line

For those that aren't sure how to get started, meditation can help. Now, this is not the same defining principle as yoga, or others. But there are some thoughts that you can add within these confines. The goal with meditative practices is to stop what you're doing, and breathe in deeply. When you stop everything for at least 15 minutes a day, you will start to see the world around you with different eyes. You can literally start to attract positivity from the universe, and start to enjoy your mornings, evenings, and more. Only 15 minutes to start is all you need to start positive elements to come through your life.

Does It Work?

This is the question that everyone seems to want to ask. Yes, the answer is absolutely yes. However, this is not something that you can implement overnight and see results. It takes some getting used to, especially if you're used to negative elements in your life. Changing things up for the better is simple, when you start to break down the right components of the Law of Attraction. Start with simple affirmations, and read more into this. As you start to embrace positivity, you will see new positive changes will come through, no doubt.

What Is Luck and How Are Hunches Linked to It?

The question is what is luck? Is there such a thing or is it something that results from our response to a hunch? In other words, are we led by some internal power to do something at a specific time that will result in what we might call 'good fortune'? What determines who sits in a seat in a vehicle that crashes and one is killed and the other is not? Or why buy a lottery ticket on the spur of the moment that ultimately wins a prize?

Is it 'luck' as driven by a mystical supernatural force or it simply that it was going to happen and the one experiencing it just happened by chance to be there or to buy the ticket? Over centuries of trying to resolve this issue man has got no closer than that many will risk all to have a chance at being the next one to chance on the right situation at that time.

To answer the questions is to go deeper into the reason why we are here and what happens to each of us during our lives. After my reincarnation and with a strong link to the Spirit of the Universe it is my opinion that everyone is part of a plan. We are like puppets in a massive collection of players and every one of us serves a purpose. That means that what happens to us is part of the overall scene.

We might ask some tough questions in response to our probe into this topic. For instance why would I remember reincarnation when religions don't and others don't concur with it? Some feel they have been around before, others get flashbacks of past lives, still others have no feeling about it whatsoever and they don't believe in life-after-death anyway.

What about a hunch? Is that linked to luck and why are some things we suddenly do without thought can turn us into a genius or a millionaire? Why do some get a hunch to go shoot people in a public place? Or to stay away from something that will result in many being killed.

My link to the Spirit has shown me that it is the very thing we are talking about. It controls our moods, actions, desires, and where we are at any given time. The idea of luck removes the power from God to something that few can relate to but all know exists. If there is a plan in place to bring the world to a point of conclusion than it stands to reason that the players are given the ideas on which they act to bring it about.

We are in an extremely volatile world where anything can happen and bombs are exploding on a daily basis. People are fleeing conflicts and the old systems are failing. This is something written about many centuries past so it is nothing to do with luck or hunches but in my mind is the Spirit of the Universe.

18 Life Principles For Greater Living

We all have a set of principles we abide by. Ask any person about their values and beliefs and they'll respond according to what's important to them.

I've noticed a central theme in my advice since first writing about: personal development, motivation and success. For the uninitiated, it can be summarised in the following eighteen points.

They are in no particular order and I urge you to identify with those you resonate with and incorporate them into your life.

  1. Love More: Not just people or things, but yourself. Many of life's problems result from a lack of self-love. To love more means to connect with the deeper intelligence that guides your being. You are the embodiment of love, irrespective of whether you're hurt or betrayed. Set aside those feelings and know that you are the ocean swimming in a sea of love. Drown yourself in it.
  2. Be Vigilant With Your Thoughts: Be mindful of your thoughts and don't let them consume you. Do you think uplifting thoughts or are they filled with self-doubt and pessimism? Do you look for the silver lining in situations or do you consider what could go wrong? Do you have a fixed or growth-mindset? Despite people's beliefs, our thoughts are not fixed. They're shaped by being aware of them and not believing everything you think.
  3. Practise Mindfulness: Bring your thoughts to the forefront of your mind and resist being a victim to unconscious behaviours. Mindfulness invites you to bring your attention to what's taking place in your life instead of reliving past events. It means connecting with the present moment instead of being a victim to the past.
  4. Regular Personal Development: Immerse yourself in inspiring material that encourages you to become someone of character. If we don't shower, brush our teeth or exercise, we fall victim to destructive habits and pay the price as illness. People claim since they can't see the benefits of personal development, everything is fine. I enjoy the quote from the late motivational speaker Zig Ziglar who said, "People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily."
  5. Attitude Is Everything: Your attitude is more important than your outlook because it influences how you show up in life. How is a positive attitude developed? By overcoming life's obstacles rather than retreating from them. As you approach life with courage, you overcome your fears that once crippled you.
  6. Be Of Service To Others: We all have a purpose, some discover it early in life while sadly, others die with a song in their heart. You can be of service to others in the smallest way through your thoughts, words and actions. You needn't lend your time to charities to be of service although it's helpful. Give of your time and resources by enriching other people's lives. Even sending peaceful thoughts to another person is a step in the right direction.
  7. Character Is More Important Than Reputation: Your reputation can be destroyed in moments, while character takes a lifetime to build. Consider celebrities involved in scandals, who squander their character and reputation. Be mindful of who you're becoming. Don't forsake this for a reputation that lasts a fraction of the time to build good character.
  8. Let Go Of Worry, Fear And Anxiety: Have you noticed what you worry about rarely happens? We're notorious for fabricating stories to protect us in case such events transpire. Yet, if we continue down this path, we will attract these circumstances because of the energy devoted to it. Replace negativity with enriching thoughts that bring you closer to the life you wish to live.
  9. Make Peace With The Past: To create this future we need to heal the past, to avoid excess baggage. You've heard it said, the past is a figment of your imagination and no longer exists. Reliving the past derails a bright future because your mind is stuck dwelling on something no longer relevant.
  10. Happiness Comes From Within: The biggest fraud sold to mankind is that happiness is attained via: success, fame, wealth or a suitable partner. Yet, one need only look to people who have these things and are still unfulfilled, sometimes depressed. If you're unhappy and gain wealth, you'll continue to be unhappy because having more of these things amplifies what is lacking.
  11. Surround Yourself With Great People: Especially those who bring out the best in you. If we lack self-esteem, we attract like-minded people. They are likely to notice the disowned parts within us we disapprove of. The other person will then reflect this through their interaction with us and we retaliate to prove them wrong. Surround yourself with people who see your greater qualities and don't take you for granted.
  12. Be Here And Now: Stop worrying about the future until it arrives. We worry about circumstances and miss out on the aliveness of the present moment. The future never arrives as we expect, so it's pointless to worry about something that exists as thoughts. It's wise to have: goals, dreams and ambitions. Yet, if we're not aligned with the motivation to accomplish these things, when they arrive it will not be as we expect. This is how a midlife crisis ensues because our vision of the future does not match reality.
  13. Practice Gratitude: Gratitude means to appreciate what you have in your life instead of what is lacking. We can focus on the negative or positive and either way we're right. One brings unfavourable circumstances while the other carries positive aspects. Be grateful for the smallest things because somewhere, someone is longing for what you take for granted.
  14. Forgive Yourself And Others: Forgiveness is a doorway to heal the past. Many people forgive others yet they're unable to forgive themselves. I invite you to start with yourself first. Forgive yourself completely and open the window for love to heal. Remember, forgiveness does not mean to forget, it means to see the past in a new light.
  15. Practice Acceptance And Detachment: Acceptance means not resisting what's taking place in your life. Irrespective whether it's an unfortunate situation, it can pave the way for something wonderful to transpire. Detachment means to distance ourselves from a desired outcome and allow circumstances to play out until the complete picture has emerged. Only then do we realise everything that takes place unfolds as it should, for our greater purpose.
  16. Honour Your Feelings: Medical doctors now realise the harmful effects of toxic emotions which can lead to illness. Perhaps you were told not to express your emotions, apparent in cultures where it's viewed as a sign of weakness. To connect with your emotions invites you to honour your feelings and express them in a healthy way. This doesn't mean acting on your feelings of anger. Rather, investigate what the anger is seeking to represent.
  17. Discover And Live Your Purpose: People who live their purpose lead healthier and robust lives. They're happy pursuing that which makes their spirit come alive. There's a purpose within you waiting to reveal itself. Dependent on your age, you may have realised it or are still discovering it. The key is to experiment until you find a purpose that resonates with you. Your purpose will bring joy to your life and those you serve.
  18. Be Kind To Everyone You Meet: We're often unaware how tough some people are doing it, until we get an insight in to their story. Don't judge people like an oil painting because there's greater depth to a person than you realise. We don't get an impression of them until we really know them or walk in their shoes. Assume the best in everyone until they prove otherwise. Be kind and withhold judgement since that only defines you as a critic.

Feeling Bored? Spice Up Your Life!

Ever look at your life and feel like it's not what you thought it would be? A lot of people have felt that way at some point in their lives. We had this idea in our minds of how our life would be and it's nowhere near that. That could be for a number of reasons but regardless, I believe it's never too late to accomplish your goals and dreams. It's never too late to make a change. If you're feeling like your life is boring, that may be because you're not doing anything. You are not really participating in life. Life is happening all around you and you're sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else. You have to be honest with yourself. You should do an internal check-in with yourself. Where are you emotionally and mentally? Spiritually? Whether you are religious or spiritual or neither, I think prayer is something we've all heard of. If you believe in prayer, when is the last time you prayed for guidance? Day by day, life is happening. You only get to do this thing called life once. I don't think anyone wants to consider their life boring. A lot of things are in our control. For example, if you stay home all the time and never go anywhere, you associate with the same people, you never try anything new, that's a choice. You're choosing to do that. We all choose to do what we do. The reality is that nothing changes until YOU change. You must decide to. So if you're feeling bored, here are a few tips to spice up your life:

1. Be Accountable. Stop pointing fingers at everyone else and take accountability for your actions. Take accountability for your life. You are where you are based on actions that you've taken. Or the inaction you've taken. Be honest with yourself about what's been in your control. You are the one making decisions so if you're not happy with where you are, then try making different decisions that are aligned with what you really want. Be honest with yourself about how you've been showing up. Think about someone who, to you, does not have a boring life. What are they doing? How are they showing up in the world? What actions are they taking? Think about who you want to be with a life full of spice. What would you be doing? What would you need to change now to become that? Once you figure that out, then take action towards becoming that.

2. Do Something Different. You can't keep doing the same things and expect different results. If you want something you've never had, you have to do something you've never done. Take a risk here and there. Some of you play it so safe, you just coast through life. There are no wow moments. You follow a very straight line and never do anything different. Success is not a straight line. If you ever listen to some of the world's most successful people, you will hear that they took risks. They didn't do what everyone else was doing. Everything wasn't perfect. Everything still isn't perfect. Perfection doesn't exist. If you're feeling bored, do something different. Spice it up. Add variety. Go to a different restaurant. Travel to somewhere you've never been. Try a new dance class. Read a book in a different genre. Cook a dish from another country. Take a different route home than the normal. Small changes consistently can lead to big changes. And it can get you out of the boring rut you're in.

3. Meet New People. Some of you hang with people that don't do anything and you wonder why you feel bored. There is a saying that 'Birds of a feather flock together'. In other words, you are who you hang around. There is a law of association that says you are the sum of the five closest people you associate with the most. Think about that. The people you hang around are influencing you whether you realize that or not. Get out and meet new people. Get different perspectives. Remember, you have to do something different. Change your circles a bit. Elevate your circles. If you want to have some fun and spice it up, then get around people that are fun and living it up. has a lot of different groups that you can join for free based on your interests and zip code. Try different networking events. Meet new people and make new friends.

We have more control over our lives than we think or want to believe. If you want to get rid of the boredom then participate more in life. If you're single, do things by yourself. Enjoy your own company. You don't always need to have someone with you. Regardless, only you can make the decision that you are going to spice up your life and take action to do so.

Live Big! Dream Big!!&id=9465431