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Sacking Your Inner Zealot

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Discernment is the ability to shrewdly assess people or situations. It is one of the most significant human characteristics and a part of using our right of choice which ultimately defines us. This trait allows us to be in control of our future, helping us make correct judgments before making important decisions. This is vital to personal freedom. When you have lost or ignored the gift of discernment you have chosen to live your life flying by the seat of your pants, blind. Your life is out of your control. What is important to remember is that someone is always in control, in every situation. When you lose control someone else has gained it.

Passionate emotions about people or causes provide the easiest and most dangerous opportunities to ignore discernment. When we feel strongly about anything or anyone we are willing to be blind sighted, to ignore the warning and stop signs along the way. You are approaching the doorway marked 'Zealot'. Once you cross that threshold you will enter the kingdom of extremism, a place where danger lurks at every turn. You are navigating life wilfully blind, refusing to see people or events as they truly exist. You will have perfected the ability to see the handwriting on the wall while refusing to read it. Your life will now be lived with decisions made through your emotional brain where you can create any reality you choose. You can no longer discern facts or separate them from a fantasy that supports what you choose to believe. Being a zealot is its own special kind of insanity. You are choosing not to see, hear or gather facts that do not support what you are passionate about. You are not unable, you are unwilling to see.

The danger is you have also relinquished the opportunity to be in control of your life, today or in the future. You are limited to friends and acquaintances who embrace thinking that cannot withstand scrutiny. Your cause now has control of your future. Expect those who are not afflicted to begin dispersing from your circle of friends; their own discernment has warned them not to continue along a path that rarely leads to happiness. You have entered a closed society where enlightenment is not welcome. You are being disloyal to the cause if you ask questions. Blind loyalty is necessary to remain in the land of zealots.

If you are already there you may find there is no easy way out. Expect anger and recriminations from those who are caught up in the cause. Typically you must leave completely to escape and regain control of your own life. If you sense that you are approaching this state of mind it is time to pull back. Anything that cannot withstand close and impartial examination is fraught with peril. You are in danger of handing over your freedom, your right to choose freely what you believe based on gathering real facts. Stop, look and go.

Why Is Taking the First Step So Hard? (By Andy Kay)

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If you're anything like I used to be, you've been held back by your current problems for more than a matter of months. You've wanted to be taking the first step. But... How??

We do this for several reasons. Some more evident than others.

For example, if lack of confidence is holding you back, there's probably several by-problems affecting your entire predicament.

You might feel too tired; stressed; hurt; overwhelmed; too frightened. Or your fear might be an inner, hidden one which manifests as apparent laziness and comfortability.

Maybe you don't know how to plan your time. Maybe you prioritize wrongly. Or maybe you don't feel comfortable in making the right choices.

The right choices are different from everyday ones like choosing what to wear, what to eat, when to sleep, what to read, etc.. For the most part, those make but small differences in our lives.

Conversely, making the right choice is the last thing anyone does before permanently changing their life for the better.

The right choice has will and focus behind it. A will to go in a certain direction; a focus on the direction itself.

Now, those things in themselves don't make any choice "right". (I'm sure a lot of murderers had will and focus too... ) But any right choice will necessarily encompass will and focus.

Then, why is making the right choice so hard for people with low confidence?

I'd like to be able to present a simple, yet surprising reason here. But the fact is, people are different, and so are their sources of low confidence, respectively.

Some might not know what they want. Others might, but may then be too scared of failure and humiliation. - Or even of the responsibility and exposure following a successful completion.

Whatever it is, here's the good news:

While taking the first step might seem hard, the first step matters less than you think.

So what really matters is that no matter how you feel, you go ahead and do it anyway.

Yes, it's scary. But you can do it.

Consider how great musicians and speakers get nervous before going onstage. Hell, great artists are among the world's most notoriously depressed people.* But they do it anyway.

I'm not making you feel bad about yourself. I'm saying, whatever you want to do CAN be done.

And if you don't know what you want, you won't find out by wallowing in inactivity, but by getting out and gathering new inspiration.

Remember: You can always change directions. If you're stuck somewhere, you probably won't evolve. But whatever new place you go, you'll learn new things to help you further on.

All you gotta do is to be taking that first step to get going.


1) Write down your three biggest values, your three biggest strengths, and your three biggest interests.

2) Take the biggest one from each category, and write down three possible ways of combining the three into something you'd like to do.

3) Pick one.

4) Write down the three first things you can do to make this happen.

5) For the next three days, do one of these things.

6) Repeat point 4) to 5).

Congratulations: You're taking the first step.

Forget About Forgetting Your Insecurity - Here's What to Do Instead

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Deep down, we'd all like to be able to simply forget - or delete - our insecurity.

Some people will claim that we're better off having insecurity. Because it's a natural, human trait that keeps us grounded and in touch with our humility.

But when someone with certain ambitions also has low confidence... They just want to find that insecurity and simply press 'delete'.

I know you're out there, and I totally hear you.

However, here's why we need to go about it a different way... :

Obviously there's the fact that doing away with a considerable part of our mindset tends to be a time- and ressource-demanding process.

But there's also the fact that when we want to get rid of something, first we need to accept it.

Those of you who struggle with stress and panic anxiety will know this. The more we fight it, the worse it tends to get. It doesn't start to go away until we calmly and openly acknowledge and accept that it's there.

It's like that for all imaginable problems, really.

Hell, just imagine trying to walk on a broken leg because you won't accept that it's broken. Not exactly clever, yeah?

When we accept something, we grow a little. I'm all about personal growth, and this case is no exception.

Because, just like with stress and anxiety, when we embrace insecurity, its influence lessens because we allow ourselves to contain it.

When we're big enough, we can contain anything. Including the things that have been opposing us. And if we simply absorb our obstacles, they're no longer in our way.

Pretty cool philosophy, right?

Furthermore, if you've ever been insecure, you'll always remember that feeling no matter how hard you try to forget it. So really, it's no use. But the root of the matter is, it's not about forgetting; it's about learning to ignore it at the right moments.

And yes, I specifically use the word 'ignore' here. Some might think me self-contradictory for talking about embracing insecurity first and then simply ignore it. But really, this is how confident people do it.

Given the right set of circumstances, anyone can feel insecure about something. This is basic, primal neural functions at work. We're hardwired to look for trouble. But that doesn't mean there's really anything to be insecure about. So we need to learn to distinguish between real and perceived threats. Then, we'll be able to tell our insecurity to calm down when it's not useful.

Which, in fact, it rarely is.

Now, apart from acknowledging your insecurity, there are several things you can do that will naturally diminish it.

If done right, meditation helps. Also, exercise is always a good thing. Eating healthy and getting enough sleep should go without saying. (And then, of course, there's confidence coaching, which I most heartily recommend!)

Different things work for different people. But however you live your life, always remember this:

Everyone feels insecurity. Even confident people. It's what we DO about it that shows our real character.

How To Feed And Care For Your Subconscious

It's hard to truly comprehend the full power of our subconscious mind. But it's always there, always doing its job, no matter if we pay attention or not.

Much of the time it's easy to forget that it's even there. Most of us are so busy wrestling with the thoughts running through our minds, it's hard to believe there's anything but the thoughts we're thinking.

But it's there. The subconscious is always doing its job. Collecting the information we feed it, listening to what we think and feel. And then it gives it all back to us, over, and over, and over again.

Our habitual patterns. Our habitual beliefs. Our habitual actions. Our habitual experiences. All come directly from our subconscious. All are the direct result of the thoughts, beliefs, and experiences we've fed our subconscious throughout our lives.

In the beginning, before age 6, our subconscious mind is in its full power. Like soft, fertile soil, it easily receives and accepts whatever comes to it though its environment. It's a time of super-learning. And a time of formulation of long-lasting beliefs.

Just like any garden, it's from this fertile soil that our life unfolds, and grows. And the ideas, thoughts, and beliefs which are continually reinforced, will grow the fastest, the strongest, and the deepest. Before long, they will grow into what feels like indisputable, undeniable, facts.

To truly understand, or begin to understand, the power of our subconscious mind, is to finally understand the power that is within all of us. Dorothy's ruby slippers were always on her feet, but she didn't understand, or trust, her power, until, of course, she finally did.

The power of your subconscious is in the soil And, just like any soil, it can be fertilized, nurtured, turned, weeded, watered, and fed. Overgrowth can be weeded out, and anything can be planted and grown within the right circumstances and environmental factors.

Here are some tips to feed and care for your subconscious - your inner power.

Weeding -- Weed out negative thoughts and beliefs, daily. Be mindful of what you're consistently thinking. When you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts, or reacting to distressing beliefs - pause. By mindfully observing your thought process, you begin to disempower the negative spin. You can also direct your mind to think something completely opposite - such as a positive affirmation. In addition, EFT Tapping is a powerful tool to help weed out the negative feelings associated with your thoughts. Regular weeding will enable you to free up valuable space within your fertile subconscious mind.

Planting - Decide exactly what you want to grow in your garden. You can grow anything you like. What would you like to believe about yourself? How would you like to feel? What would you like to experience? Make a list of the beliefs, thoughts, and experiences you want to cultivate. For example you can decide to plant Courage, Strength, Joy, Persistence, Discipline, Success, Creativity. You can also plant the visions of experiences you'll enjoy as a result of new beliefs and qualities.

Nourishment - Once you decide what to grow in your subconscious, you've got to nourish regularly. If, for example, you decide to grow courage, you could nourish its grow by thinking strengthening, empowering thoughts, or visualizing yourself accomplishing courageous feats. Action-oriented experience is like a power-food for your subconscious - so taking inspired action is crucial. Remember repetition is key. By repeatedly, and consistently, feeding the feeling of courage, and it will grow within your subconscious, until it feels like an indisputable fact.

Environment - Plant grows best within specific environmental circumstances, and so do our beliefs. Be mindful of your surroundings, your media choices, your chosen activities, the people around you. Do they nourish or deplete your garden? What do you need more of? What can you let go of? Remember, you're in control of the care and feeding of your powerful subconscious. Be vigilant what you allow to enter it.

I'm continually amazed by the power of my own subconscious to help me heal, grow, and transform. And I feel incredibly grateful to be a guide for my clients as they access their own power.

I'm a People Pleaser and I Can't Stand It Anymore (By Kathleen Dwyer Blair)

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Help! How do I stop this lifelong pattern of putting everyone's feelings and needs before my own? It feels like it's killing me emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Yet, I don't know how to stop. Is it even possible? Is it just too selfish to even consider it? I'm exhausted. Depressed. Anxious. Downright disgusted. I am consistently praised by those I love and society for being so selfless and caring. Yet, I am stressed out and sometimes I feel like I'm dying inside. I feel like I'm drowning. If this sounds like you, then you may be a people pleaser.

What is a People Pleaser? 
A person who is a people pleaser is someone who feels that they must please others, or put others before themselves regardless of the emotional or physical price. Often this pattern comes from a place of feeling that if we don't do this then someone will be angry, disappointed, or may reject or abandon us. The thought of this may feel unbearable, so the pattern of people pleasing continues.

Is This What Life is All About? 
Some of us are in denial about being a people pleaser. Explaining to ourselves that, "I'm just a caring, compassionate human being and I really like it. I love doing things for the people that I love and it doesn't really matter how it affects me. I'm good with it."

For others of us we do not feel that we have been people pleasing for so long that it's just hopeless to even imagine changing it. We've always been the one to say yes despite the exhaustion of over-committing ourselves. "Is this what I am destined to do forever? Please others and not myself?"

The Effects of The Need to Please 
It is simply exhausting to be a people pleaser and always trying to figure out what the other person wants and needs. Especially when each person in our life wants and needs something different. Therefore, people pleasing depletes our energy-physically, emotionally and spiritually. We may neglect ourselves and our own needs and we might often become resentful. Yet we still don't stop. Often this is where a psychotherapist can help us explore and work through these patterns.

How Did This Pattern Start? 
For many of us, our people pleasing behavior was born and nurtured during our childhood. This behavior may have been a result of being raised in an alcoholic, or otherwise dysfunctional, family. Or becoming a people pleaser may have been because of being a middle child who may have felt invisible. Doing things for others may have been one of the only ways of receiving positive attention. We were the straight A student, or the child who always asked mom or dad "Can I help you?" thus, the son or daughter everyone wanted. Then the positive attention may have been reinforced by our parents, siblings, extended family and teachers.

My wish for you is that you can take the time today to make yourself a priority and do something that brings you happiness and joy.

Discovering Your Talents

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A talent is a special ability that enables us to easily do something or learn a process. Each and every human being on earth has been endowed with a specific talent. The average person has at least five or six talents which when identified, developed and lead to great success.

We have all been given talents by God to serve each other. Our talents are our means to share our value and display the amazing glory of God. Our talents are our source of earning income and a means to manifest the greatness within us.

We have all been given great talents which should bring us profits when we put them into good use. The more we develop and use our talents, the more skillful and successful we become in the use of it. When we hide our talents, we hide the very thing that will bring us greatness and success in life.

To make the best use of your talent, I recommend you get access to this great book by Dr. Myles Munroe: " Understanding Your Potential" This is a great book filled with information to help you to unleash your potential.

Keys to Discovering Your Talent

So the key to a successful life is to find your talents, focus on developing one talent and becoming the best in the whole world at the use of that talent to provide goods and services to humanity.

The questions you should then be asking yourself are: 
1. What are my talents? 
2. What are the very things that I am good at? 
3. What are the things that I do for fun? 
4. How can I develop one of my talents and make it world class? 
5. What is the best use of my talents? 
6. In which field or industry can I best use my talents? 
7. Who can I partner, connect and associate myself with to help me to find and develop my talents?

You see, the thing is: the more you use your talents, the more you multiply the power of it. Your talent develops and grows into a skill. Talent is your natural gift! But a skill is the development of that natural gift! Skill is the perfection of that natural gift. Skill is what your natural gift has become as a result of consistent hard work on it.

In this world, the more skillful you become the more in-demand you become! And the more in-demand you become the successful you become. Skillful people are uncommon people. Why? They have gained a competitive advantage over their fellows through dedication to the development of their natural talent! So what's the key? The key is understanding and maximizing your potential!

"You were born to rule, govern and dominate in the area of your gifting," said Dr. Myles Munroe. SO you have to find your talents and strive to work hard on it and perfect it into a skill. Once you have developed your talent into a skill, you will see yourself gaining the same competitive advantage like other successful people do!

Find an area where you want to be the best at in your school, workplace, department, industry, town, city, country or continent, then identity the talents within you that you can developed and enable you to become the best in that place. Then all you have to do every day is consistent hard work, perfecting and the development of your talent!

Message From the Universe: What Your Thoughts Can Attract!

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"It's not that folks act a certain way around you, but rather that you attract certain types of folks based upon your thoughts, beliefs, and expectations.

Now that is really, really good news, huh?
The Universe"

Same as saying: "Misery attracts misery". The more you hang around negative people, the more you will tend to become negative yourself. The opposite is also true. When you tend to feel sorry about yourself and complain all the time, you will subconsciously look for people who complain and feel sorry about themselves. Similarly, we ARE what we EAT so when you eat like a pig, you will eventually look like one, unless you have one hell of a great metabolism. Nevertheless, in any of these statements presented, everything can be fixed. When you tend to think negative most of the time, you must change crowds and look for more upbeat people. Obviously, what you did before didn't work very well for you so change the frequency and start looking for people who are more positive and happy. You will start changing your attitude accordingly. Just like a chameleon, your mind will adapt to the color of the environment so make sure the latter is a great one. It is important to reach out to a mentor during moment of weakness so he/she can help you get out of this funk. We will all go through difficult times in life, and no one is immune to it at all. Do you think the rich people out there aren't fighting to keep their lifestyle as it is? They are more stressed than anyone else. If they don't, the fall can hurt badly so they pedal ten times harder to stay up there. Unlike its counterpart, the poor people are already living a simple life where if a big mistake is made, the fall won't hurt as bad as the rich people. Hence, the reason why we see very poor people happier than the rich one. They really have not much to lose in life.

I am not saying to let go of your dreams of becoming wealthy or live a glorified life. If this is what you want to do, then go for it. You need to come to evidence that the journey to go up there is interesting and challenging to say the least, but to stay up there is definitely a harder and more tiring process. You need to surround yourself with smarter people than yourself so you can keep up and continue pushing yourself to learn more so you can catch up. As I said, staying up there is NOT easy and you will always have to be creative and continue searching for more opportunities. The message I am trying to convey is that during the journey to becoming successful will be the most enjoyable one because it will teach you many lessons that you need to STAY successful when you get there. So put the negative thoughts aside for now, and forever and start joining groups of entrepreneurs that are also peddling hard to reach the top. You all have something in common here so to make things work, you will start depending on each other to keep yourself motivated to reach the top. Once up there, well, make sure not to fall too hard. Enjoy the view!!&id=9423616