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Open The Floodgates of Abundance (By Jeanna Gabellini)

If you want the floodgates of abundance to open wide for you, here's a surefire way to do it.

It's truly not an intuitive strategy. Many of my coaching clients resist it. I also must confess that I sometimes resist it too. It's a hard one to swallow when your life or business gets intense.

Are you ready for the number-one secret to solving every challenge you have?

Chill out.

That's it. It's the best strategy on the planet to rake in the abundance.

Anytime you feel the push that you must work harder, take more action, or figure out how to solve a crisis, simply take a step away from your current focus.

I spent almost two decades working on my business whenever I felt inspired.

Now my time is very limited since I had two children. Gasp!

Early on I set my intention that my life would be more balanced as a result of having babies and that I would make more money. I've had to remind myself of that declaration many times as I practiced letting go of all my "to-dos."

I am thrilled to tell you that my business is currently the best it's ever been. The added bonus is that I started reading again as soon as I had baby #1. I used to only read business and self-improvement books. Now I read for fun. The more time I spend chilling, water-skiing, and out of my office, the more inspiration I have.

More opportunities and clients come my way, too!

I noticed this same phenomenon in the real estate industry. I was coaching a whole office of realtors, and they joked about how every time they went on vacation, their business thrived. They thought it was unique to their industry. Nope. It's a Universal Law.

When you release any resistance or stress in your life, you allow in the abundance that is your birthright.

This law is the reason we benefit from sleep, walks outside, meditation, movies, good music, and great conversations. These actions pull us away from any worries and toward more joy. Even an afternoon of hooky or play will allow you to get back to your life with a fresh perspective. Change your perspective and change your life.

Is there a topic in your life where you need to let go of all thought? A mini vacation from that issue will allow you to reconnect with your inner guidance. Once you've allowed yourself to come back to your power source, you'll easily and naturally find the next step to take.

As they say, "Let go and let God."

Making Money Now Could Not Be Any Easier Than Right Now (By Mark Huddleston)

There could be no better time in history to generate optimal income for you and your family than right now. Just think of it, you can be homeless right now and within two years you can be making the income that most people only dream about making.

Most people state that you have to wait for the right time and to be in the right place to make things happen. I would have to admit this statement is true. First of all, you are in the right place. You are in the United States of America. For all of you that have forgotten where you subside, the United States of America is the land of opportunity, with that being said, the (Time) factor would be in your favor. So what are you waiting for? When will it ever be the right time if not first you take the time to make some time?

Did you know that (Time) is the number one commodity in the world? There is nothing more precious than (Time) itself. Everything can be replaced but (Time). Once (Time) elapses it can never be replaced. You can replace your vehicle, your house, your shoes, your insurance policy, but you cannot replace the (Time) you have squandered away.

Most people truly think that working for someone else will bring you wealth and happiness. Well, tell me! Are you wealthy and happy right now? Why are you reading this article if you are! Most people I have spoken to have been mentally conditioned to think that they make more money than their boss or company. They think that their measly paycheck supersedes their boss's paycheck and that they are more secure working for someone else than working for themselves.

The only thing that is stopping most people from living the life they have always dreamed of is FEAR! That's right! FEAR! If you want to be more and amount to more you must become more than a mere instrument for an employer to use up and toss away when they have no more use for you. Hey! Most employers don't even give you a gold watch before they kick you to the curb nowadays. You're lucky if you get a face to face dismissal. I have helped thousands find a way out of their present way of life and begin to live the way God intended you to live.

Top Ten Ways to Find SYNERGY in Your Life

Have you ever experienced the difference between life flowing, everything lending itself to more, and life stuck in the mud with every move being a chore? Having synergy in your life is that great energy when all the pieces come together, compliment each other and the next steps happen easily and effortlessly. Here are a few basic points to get your life flowing...

1. Plug in. Identify what gives you ENERGY in your life. Make a list of at least 5 things that give you energy. What do you love to do? To what do you find yourself naturally attracted? Know what these are, because they are your fuel and keep you charged.

2. Clean house. What is the clutter that is slowing you down? What are you tolerating? What are the cobwebs and dust that cloud your understanding of life? Make a list of everything you can think of and then challenge yourself to make it a priority to take care of the items, one at a time. You will notice taking time to handle what you were putting off will actually give you more energy and space to do the things that are really important in life.

3. Be authentic. Get in-line with your HEART & SOUL; the part that authentically represents you. Who you are. What you stand for. Your purpose for being on earth. The gifts you have to share. List these key passions (characteristics, traits, natural God-given gifts/talents that you want to share with the world).

4. Live your values. What is important to you about life? What is important to you about living? These are the things that if you honor them in your life, everything is good. If you are not honoring them, you may get out of rhythm, anxious, frustrated, upset, etc. What are your true values? Start with listing your values and then select the top ten, and then from those, the top four. Are you living a life that supports your top four values?

5. See the vision. Establish your personal VISION. Where do you hope to be in 5 years? What do you hope is read in your obituary? You have one life to live. What are you going to do with it?

6. Plan a direction. How are you going to get there? What do you need to do to make that vision a reality? List and prioritize the main steps and then break each major point into clear baby steps.

7. Aim precisely. With your direction in mind, define your FOCUS for accomplishing the first major step. Visualize your target. See the process and evaluate the baby steps to make sure they are measurable. Put in a timeline to help hold yourself accountable and to stay on track.

8. Cultivate change. Evaluate your current position. Assess what is working? What changes and shifts would serve you better? Identify any obstacles or things that may be distracting you from your vision/focus. Make a plan for how you will address the distractions. Make sure your environment supports your plan.

9. Make it happen. Do something. Commit to the plan and take action. Tell others about it. Be held accountable. Every day take a step toward the goal. Stop and measure weekly.

10. Affirm daily. Make habits that reinforce the ideas and habits you want to cultivate in your life. Whatever you need to be most reminded of and encouraged to focus on, write it and post it where you will see it. (Tape the statement to your mirror, on the dash of your car, etc.) Make a routine to read these so they become part of your subconscious memory. Feel the success and joy of each step and celebrate them as your forge toward your dreams and goals!


Re-Invent Or Become Obsolete

Is it time to re-invent or transition your business?

The world is a different place than it was in 1980. If you have been in business for more than twenty years and are dong things they way you did when you started or even just five years ago - beware - times are changing faster than at any time in history and it's only going to get worse do you have a choice - circle the wagons and keep doing what you have been doing for years or let go of conventional wisdom, sacred cows and traditional thinking and reinvent - yourself, your business, your association, your church - everything - or accept being left behind and losing everything.

Over the years I have worked with many organizations who for whatever reasons, decided that they needed to re-invent itself in order to remain a competitive and profitable enterprise in the marketplace.

During the same period, I have also observed hundreds of organizations that obviously needed to re-invent themselves but for whatever reasons failed to do so. Let's take a brief look at five of the critical areas that will have an impact on this process and will determine whether your re-invention is an exercise in futility or a successful transition.

What do I mean when I use the term - re-invent/transition?

Re-invent, re-discover, re-new, start over, begin again - the terms do not matter, what does are the attitudes, values, prejudices, opinions, expectations, fears, needs, desires and values of the owner or senior management who will ultimately drive the process. Having said that, to me, when an organization needs to re-invent itself, for whatever reason, it implies that what was or used to be, is no longer working, effective, profitable or competitive. It is time for one or more new: policies, strategies, structures, methods, procedures, expectations, rules, behaviors, leadership, direction, focus and even employees - and probably all of them.

When is the right time to re-invent/transition your organization?

My experience tells me, that, the pain for management or the organization has to be significant enough, however this pain is manifested, before executives or management becomes willing to set a new course and transition its organization. Unfortunately, because of; arrogance, ignorance, ego or all of the three, many organizations either never do it or recognize the need far too late and become just another business statistic or illustration of a bad example in some author's book. The time to re-invent is before you need to. The time to do it is every year - at a minimum and maybe even every month. Better to regularly condition your employees for consistent constructive and positive change and growth than to try and turn a battleship (your organization) around in a small harbor in twenty minutes with a less than motivated staff because they are not ready, equipped, motivated or interested in doing so.

How do you re-invent/transition your organization?

Let's see if I can summarize one of my all-day seminars here in just a few sentences. If you are not willing to seriously embrace, at a minimum, each of these steps, I recommend you save your money and let the market place decide your ultimate fate.

1) You must be willing to let go of the day-to-day details that will drive this process. 
2) You must lock your ego and your prejudices and expectations in the closet. 
3) You must be committed to see the process through to its conclusion, no matter how long it takes or what it costs. 
4) You must empower your management team to implement and inspect the transition process - you can't do it alone and still run the business. If you can you have bigger problems than this transition, believe me. 
5) You don't lose your tradition or fundamental values. 
6) You must trust your employees to pull the transition off. 
7) You need to lead the process, not manage it. 
8) You need to accurately assess your; willingness to change, let go, delegate, empower and live with the consequences. 
9) You should hire an outside resource to ensure that the above items are adhered to. Your employees are not going to do it all without some impartial guidance and/or creativity. 
10)You need to be an encourager and a champion of this process in both easy and hard times. 
11) There's a lot more, trust me but you would be amazed at how few organizations can do most or even in some cases any of the above.

Who should be involved in the re-invention/transition process?

This one is easy - anyone who can contribute ideas, reality, information, inspiration, creativity, value, feedback, accountability, integrity or support to the process and I mean everyone.

What will the new organization look like after the re-invention/transition process is complete?

It's anyone's guess. In a rapidly changing world it is becoming increasingly difficult if not impossible to accurately forecast future outcomes. All you can do is remain flexible, open, receptive and willing to make change your partner and the partner of your organization.

So, it's a choice - stay stuck and hope you survive or reinvent and get ahead or at a minimum stay with the trends and the curves ahead.

How To Be More Abundant By Doing Less

Do you toil hard every day to make a living? Fear not, life can be easier. You can have more abundance in your life by doing less. Read on to find out.

Here are a few tips:

1) Invest some considerable amount of money in a genuine real estate business for instance. Then let the system work out the money issue for you by making money out of money. You just sit there and relax and collect interests, whatever you need and leave the rest with the system and money will keep growing.

2) Have an abundant mindset. You focus on plentifulness all the time. You imagine it and feel it in every fiber of your being. Money will find its way to you.

3) Be happy and grateful for your possessions. Make a note of it in your gratitude journal on a daily basis. More will come to your life. Never lament or complain. Be optimistic and joyous and it works all the time.

4) Do quality work for a short while and focus on it fully while you are doing it. Freshen up and spend quality time with your family. The Universe is sure to shower you with blessings.

5) Plan your schedules ahead of time and note down your action plans for your tasks in advance. Revise the night before about the day's activities. That way you will be well prepared to carry out your tasks and you will end up doing less sure and steady for the day but being really productive.

Keep these five special tips in your mind and work on one or more of them by applying them in your daily life. Surely, you will tap into abundance. You need to break the abundance code by following my tips.

It's the first step that is hard but once you are done with it, the next steps can be done more conveniently and there you go, you have tapped into abundance.

You may have myths about abundance that having more money is evil or money is only for the rich or simply, you don't deserve to have more money. All these are limitations of your mind. For instance, the positive beliefs on abundance can be as follows:

1) I have enough and I can make more.

2) I have the competence and skills to tap into abundance.

3) I know how to break the abundance code.

4) Money comes easily to me.

5) I have a way with abundance and prosperity.

Once you have wired yourself with the positive thoughts on abundance, follow my tips - at least one or two to actually tap into the vast expanse of abundance. This way you are most likely to triple or quadruple your earnings and you will be financially free. You can thank me later.

Through Failure, a Better Way to Succeed

Success always waits to walk into the room after failure has embarrassed us. The key is not being put off by our embarrassment. Keep thinking appreciatively.

Shame and guilt cost us so much. We leave something prematurely, or become despondent, when all along it was persistence that was going to prove the way was worth it.

We are so bothered about how we look we lose sight of how wonderful we are when we say, 'Oh well, I'll keep going anyway.'

Our minds are our sharpest critic. Our shame gear kicks into overdrive and before we know it we are apologising for what many people did not even see.

Our hearts are so vulnerable. We want kudos for our works and initiative, when God is set on keeping it secret, so a richer reward would ultimately be ours.

The time has come to embrace the embarrassing faux pas and put it straight without feeling guilty. The time is ripe to make a hash of something with the intention of succeeding, knowing that our intention was sincere and pure. The time is now to be ready to fail.

We never intend to fail. We are never so brash. But in moving forward and ahead we shouldn't fear moving further behind. Indeed, when it seems like we're getting behind can actually be God putting us ahead - His strange way of reversing fortunes.

Imagine not being afraid of failure. Imagine not experiencing that anxiety that comes with performance. We can care and at the same time risk. Sometimes when we risk, we find the best way to care.

Our best successes come after we have failed and possibly many times. Success came because we did not give up.,-a-Better-Way-to-Succeed&id=9894985

Wealth & Abundance - Finding Where You Are Already Rich (By Rosina S Khan)

Every soul on this earth is rich in some life area which they can tap into in order to make other life areas work well also. How does it work? How will you make it happen? Read on to find out.

Looking at my own life and self-analyzing, I feel there is much to be grateful about - access to groceries, confectionery, medicine, stationery, photocopying and the list goes on. They are all within walking distances. And then there is access to water, electricity and gas inside our home, which we don't have to worry about. In our home, there is also WI-FI internet connection and I have a laptop from which I can browse anything whenever I want. These are some areas in my life that are really rich.

I used to be a faculty member in a private university but I don't work any longer due to some unavoidable circumstances. I have reached my forties but I am still single - never married. My relationships with the people I live - my mom and brother often become sour and that makes me sad. These are some of the life areas I have to improve on.

Where I am rich is that I have a wealthy mindset and the immense power to imagine. I never run out of amenities. Where I lack is the closeness with my own folks and other intimate people - the reason being I am an introvert; I stay silent and suffer in silence.

How can I make my wealthy mindset work to make other life areas rich? One possibility that comes to my mind is to network with people both online and offline and meet people. That gives me the opportunity to meet my soulmate. And then I can leave my original home for good where my relationships suffer.

What has this got to do with a wealthy mindset? My would-be soulmate will be happy to know I am independent and can stand on my own feet. I can also work again having my expertise. It's a plus for me. I can still have access to all the local stores in my new area and bond with the people there. I can continue to network and make new friends and enrich my life further.

Together with my soulmate, we can venture out into the world, explore new areas and settle down with a dream home along with dream careers. We can start burgeoning a family of our own. My wealthy mindset and powerful imagination both help to make these desirable elements a genuine reality.

Yes, I will thrive once again, this time not partnering with my old folks but with my soulmate. Together we will dream, hold a vision and work out a prospective work/life balance. That one day is only over the horizon and I know I can reach it because every fiber of my being says so. Ha ha!