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Monsters and Molehills

'Molehills in life are bumps in the road; they become monsters when we accept them as powerful truth, allowing them to become monsters chasing us through life. Molehills like the teacher who could not find anything redeeming in the student and carelessly flung demeaning insults, leaving behind a child who believed every word they said and became what they believed. The molehill became a monster that chased the child relentlessly through life, one failure after another.

Molehills are the path of destruction left after something uninvited digs its way through our sub conscious mind leaving a tunnel of doubt and a path of fear that somewhere in that dark tunnel lies the truth about who we will become. What we believe may be the most important block in our foundation. Even the greatest of blessings cannot be delivered if we cannot believe; we must believe to receive. Harboring the fear that we do not deserve or cannot achieve something that is important to us will ensure that we cannot.

Damage that begins in childhood plants deeper roots in our subconscious; it has a long time to grow and dig in. A child is born believing in goodness, it simply knows no other way. Trust has brought the child to this new beginning with a fragile defense system in place. In the absence of steady and positive reinforcement of encouraging truth and what can be, it is far easier for a child to believe what they see and hear, to begin to grow from those ideas. Sadly this is frequently the beginning of a long and difficult road filled with doubt, self-recriminations and fear of rejection that keeps the best in life at bay. The good things were never unattainable; they just became a mirage that could not be touched.

Sometimes there is no one to provide the kind of direction and reinforcement we need to escape from the monsters. How can we defeat something we believe is more powerful than us? Only by standing still and objectively looking at the monster, without any emotion. Emotion colors what we see and creates a binding force that ties us to the monster. Pain creates trauma; trauma is one of the strongest emotional bonds. It is necessary to tear the wound back open and stop pretending that we don't really care about things that matter a lot.

This leaves us vulnerable; vulnerable to the same pain, the same wrong ideas and yes, vulnerable to receiving the best that we can believe in. It is this that makes it worth the effort of tearing it open and re-examining without emotion what really happened. When we can do this, we can believe in ourselves and the best that life can provide for us, leaving the monster powerless. Like a shape-shifter it fades back into the molehill it always was, just a bump in the road. This is all that is necessary to be free to receive the best we can believe in.

Are You Able to Answer the Biggest Question?

"When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It's to enjoy each step along the way."- Wayne Dyer

I love to learn. I love to read. If an idea or topic catches my attention and my gut says, "Yes, that one!", I dive in.

My heart races, my soul soars. I'm on fire and ready to soak it in.

Give me the book to read. Tell me what class to take. Who is my teacher? What lesson am I to learn? I'm ready! Let's go!

That's how it happens for me and that's how I ended up in the class, years ago now, which asked the big question -- What is your big why?

Who doesn't want to know that, I wondered? Wouldn't it make life so much easier to know the purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you and to wake up every day motivated to do it?

Sounded pretty darned good to me -- sign me up!

The class began with a number of simple, key questions to answer about our childhood. Easy enough to answer. But then, we went deeper.

We were asked to remember something in our lives that was painful or changed us forever -- what Dr. Phil calls, "A life defining moment!"

We were given ample time to recall and describe it -- to write it all down. As we did so, more questions were asked to help us peel away and reveal why this moment or event was so significant.

Why did it stick with us after all these years? What did it tell us about our purpose? How did it drive us in life?

Amazingly enough, these questions led directly to the answer we came to find out -- For what purpose was I intended?

And, to this day, I have not forgotten mine -- to right wrongs.

My antennae go up immediately when I sense, feel, or see a wrong. I can hardly contain myself to fix or correct it. I find myself looking for answers to make it right -- to solve the issue.

Once I figured out my purpose, it became obvious why I had picked particular careers in my life. Banking. Finance. CPA. Internal Auditor. Financial Counselor. All had some element of structured, well-defined rights and wrongs. Rules to follow. And, a clear line that gave warning when something was wrong.

It helped clarify my path in life and in my business-- to honor my purpose in all that I do. To say NO to anything that did not fit it. I have found that I fail if I try to do it another way -- or I am miserably unhappy.

It is the biggest question after all -- Why are you here? What is your BIG WHY?

It is more important than most of us recognize -- our souls know it and yearn for us to live it. In fact, research has shown that Knowing Your Purpose In Life Could Help You Live Longer. (Forbes Nov. 2014)

Yet, somehow we've lost track of why we are here. In all our "busyness", our focus has gotten narrowed on the aspects of day-to-day life. We grew up and in the process we let go of and forgot why we are here. We believed what we were told -- that it was time to be an adult and do grown-up things. Put aside those childish ways.

Sadly, we then left behind the essence of who we are -- we bought into the belief that it, too, is childish. We moved on to what we were taught "should" be our purpose, our goal, and life path.

We then end up believing our purpose are the roles we play in life -- mother, sister, wife, teacher, employee, manager, healer, coach, writer, artist, business owner, etc. Seldom is it your purpose.

And, there begins the agonizing trek back to finding it once again, revealing it to ourselves, and living fully into it. Many of us go to our deathbeds not ever rekindling that purpose consciously. It plays out in the background of our lives, calling to us, and yet, going unheard.

Isn't it time you asked the biggest question of all? WHY AM I HERE? I promise, there is an answer. And, it is a personal one just for you. No one else has the same one -- only you are here to express it.

It does affect all that you do. It guides you in all decisions and questions you may have. The best career path to take. Whether to marry or not. Am I meant to buy that house or live that lifestyle?

But, be sure to take Wayne Dyer's advice... "your purpose is not to get to a certain place... It's to enjoy each step along the way."

Message From the Universe: Sharing Your Dreams With the Right People Is Crucial to Success!

"The instant you have a new dream, the masses are notified.

And every single one of the billions of people alive today who have complementary visions, whether to be your future customer, reader, mentor, fan, lover, partner, agent, golf caddy, or tanning salon operator, all add their power to yours.

After all, you just might be their "lucky break."

Move boldly, 
The Universe"

Do not let your dreams go unfulfilled. You decide the content and start processing that information. There are many dreamers, but not enough doers. You need to put these thoughts into action and not hesitate. It is imminent that you first determine the viability of your dream and make sure that it is feasible. Do not dream about creating a bridge between NY and Portugal when you have no civil engineering knowledge. For everything else, sky's the limit. The reason as to why you need to hang around people with big dreams is because it will inspire you to keep on going with your dream. Naysayers will always try to discourage you or bring you down to earth by mocking your dreams. Avoid these naysayers at all cost. First, you do not need to tell anyone what you are doing or thinking about doing or implementing any kind of dreams. The ONLY permission you need to ask is yourself. No one else out there is aloud to tell you what to do or how to do it. You are the master of your own self so start applying it. Produce all the dreams you want and take action as soon as the opportunity arise.

Joining a group of dreamers is crucial to your well being and to your confidence level when it comes to making all of your dreams a reality. Since you all share the same thought process, everyone can encourage to others when it comes to holding on and keep moving forward. This kind of encouragement is a must, especially during the embryo stage of the dream. You need the right support so you can avoid pitfalls. Mentors are good performing the task of encouraging others and sharing their point of view with the creator/entrepreneur. If you have the opportunity to talk to a mentor, make sure you pay attention to every word they share with you, every advice, every comment or feedback because they are extremely valuable. They will help you avoid costly mistakes that can save you time and money, especially where you need it the most at this stage of your business. Take my word for it, I have helped many avoid MY mistakes.!&id=9543484

Manifesting Abundance-Whats all the fuss-5 practical points to use.

When "The Secret" introduced the laws of attraction and manifestation, I jumped in feet first.  Caught up in the whirlwind of  the  manifestation phenomenon, I was hooked. I could just see all of it---- My new house, the millions of dollars, new cars, clothes.  You know how it goes....  So, patiently I waited....and waited...and nothing happened.

What went wrong!  The laws of attraction stated that if I visualized, I would see the manifesting of my desires come to be.  

Well, they didn't. :~( 

Secretly disappointed, I filed the thought in the back of my mind as I slipped back to my old ways of thinking about abundance, and prosperity.  Obviously, it wasn't mine to have.  The universal laws waved as they passed me by. Good-bye hopes and dreams.  

But, I didn't entirely abandon the ideology.  The magic of the manifestation concept keep peeking at me, and I was intrigued. There was a piece of the puzzle that I was missing, I just wasn't seeing it.  So began my journey. I asked myself, Really, what is manifestation.

This is what I learned.

    1.    We attract and manifest abundance  every day.  It is not a magicians trick.  It is something that happens every day to each and every one of us.  Just look around your environment and ask yourself: Of all the possessions I own, which one of them was manifested?  Well I am telling you all of them!!!
    2.    Manifestation is the result of our desire, or intent to have or possess.  In our desire we manifest.  I desired the truck I drive, the beautiful farm I call home, my wonderful husband, the rich and beautiful life I live. 
    3.    The lack of manifestation is only dictated by the limits we put on ourselves though our beliefs.
    4.    Manifestation will occur  without fail if,  and only if, we give energy to the end result and work(take action) towards the goal.
    5.    Sometimes it just isn't that easy.  Getting there requires trial and error.  Expect bumps in the road.  Its just the way it is. 

Lets be realistic about manifestation. Look the word up in the dictionary.   Manifest - to make clear or evident-reveal. Somehow I believe that we all have misconceptions about manifesting abundance.  The laws of the universe do work, but don't forget, they have to penetrate our thick heads and work with the laws of our minds.  The objective  is to understand how they work together.  Take some time to analyze your thought and believes.  Sometimes it takes a little guidance to figure out how your mind works.  I will venture to guess that what holds you back is just a simple tweak on your part. 

The thought I want to leave with you is--- manifesting abundance starts with you.  You are the choreographer of your destinyComputer Technology Articles, no one else.

10 Steps To Kick-Start Your Learning

Making a start can be difficult and tricky given that skill requirement is evolving rapidly. It is important to keep an eye on the future need while you decide to upgrade. Further, clarity of goals and direction makes it easy to identify the starting point.

Let me share with you the ten steps that will help you make a start

Rank Your Skill Need - List the skills that you want to learn and assign them a rank on the basis of -

  • How urgent is it to acquire the skill? - Urgency
  • Will it help fixing the gap in the skill set or building new ones? - Relevance
  • Will it help to achieve the short or long-term goals? - Impact

Once you have ranked the skill basis these factors, pick up the skill with the highest rank.
Detailed Research and Opinion - It is recommended not to jump to the first course you find, look at the course content, ensure to validate the certification and accreditation, read feedbacks and reviews about the course. While you research, it is helpful to take opinion or discuss learning options with your supervisor, mentor or anyone who understands your learning needs and gaps, so that you take a well-versed decision

Choose your Course - This has to be a confident and an independent choice. Don't be influenced by your friends or colleagues to simply follow their choices, as their goals may be different from yours. Select the course that is aligned with your objectives and aspirations

Setting up Finance - This is undoubtedly a very important factor for a lot of people. Today, from free online courses to company sponsored courses, flex-payment modes to education loans, there are ample of options available to make learning hassle. Pick the option or combine the ones that work well for you

Duration of Learning - Whether you pick up a certificate course, a diploma or a degree course, the duration should depend on your goals and commitments. The course will require you to not only invest money but time as well, so the pace of the course does matter. For instance, short-term courses are fast paced and need more of your time whereas long-term course is evenly paced and let you distribute the time over a longer span

Pick Your Option - There is a range of options available like Online classes-Web tutorial or the recently catching up platform MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses), Distance learning, Classroom lectures, Self-study. See what works best for you, as all of them have their own benefits

Enroll and Learn - Enroll with a promise to learn. Do not let your commitment die. Stay focused and build understanding, so that you can put your learnings into practice. Never burden yourself with over promise while upskilling as it may leave you demotivated

Completion - As rightly said by Robin Sharma, "Starting strong is good, finishing strong is epic." There will be personal and professional commitments or routine that may slow your progress, but it should not affect your morale. Make it a point that you finish what you started

Make it Public - Start marketing your new skill by updating your resume, social profile and job portals. Join relevant groups and talk to people in your professional network about your new skills. This will give you the visibility in the job market and act to your advantage

Celebrate - Hey, You did it! It is time to celebrate your achievement and reward your hard work. Be proud of yourself! Back to learning.

Upgrading the skills from time to time is crucial given that the life cycle of skills is becoming shorter than ever. Do not forget that the most successful people in the world simply DO what they decide on doing. It is about making a start and taking it to finishing line.

Be Confident and Take your first step!

Always Keep Learning, It Keeps You, Young

Standing In the Sands of Time

Focused life energy appears like the beam of a laser pointer, directing you to observe specific points. The pointer is a powerful tool, demanding that all attention is carefully engaged. Focused life energy is the most powerful tool in your tool box of life. Scattered life energy appears like a kaleidoscope with continuous breaks in the design. While you may find it more dramatic and entertaining its value is limited to simply observing. It doesn't really direct you to look at anything except the breaks.

Life energy is scattered by variables we have been exposed to that were dramatic enough to consume your attention. This cycle typically begins in early childhood where life skills are honed. This is unfortunate because you have far less control over the events that may even be bizarre but are presented to you as 'normal.' Even though you smooth it over, looking away from events and the damage left behind, it is no less a shattered childhood causing confusion and bad choices as you learn to navigate mixed signals in your daily life. Sadly this spills into adulthood where you practice a 'go along to get along' approach or the exact opposite, rage. Both are guaranteed to make your journey difficult and far less successful than it could have been. It is not uncommon to see a survivor attitude surface as the twists and tangles of life begin to unravel. You learn to ignore the niggling doubts that things may not be as they should and compromise or simply swallow the bitterness that accompanies the pain of the losses. Both invite a friend named Misery into your life journey. By adulthood you may even be comfortable with this old friend, trusting it more than happiness.

Like living under cover, you learn not to expect much from others in your life and rarely believe good things will last. This is a part of the 'survivor syndrome' that keeps you prepared to let go when you imagine you have lost. It is the 'I ain't scared and that didn't hurt' cry from a child still attempting to make it through the pain. There is no healing if you remain on this path, but there are some surprises.

You may find yourself in relationships where 'give till it hurts' becomes your mantra. Like a doormat with a smiley face on it you keep on keeping on, many times attracting abusers or narcissists into your life. This ensures that you will be pummeled like a punching bag with others rage, insults and outrageous demands. On and on it goes, or so you thought. The surprises arrive as warning shots from within. You may ignore them at first, like the signs of an approaching heart attack or stroke that you ignore. Why not since you are the survivor? You may skip right past those early warning signs but like a freight train barreling down the tracks, the one that gets your attention is approaching if you ignore the early signs. Something really is happening here.

You are not alone on this journey. You are accompanied by your higher consciousness, a part of you that has survived intact. More importantly, you are sharing this journey with your Creator; you may recognize this as your soul. This is the source of those warning shots. It is an alarm attempting to wake you up, asking you to make a change now. This part of you has made a decision. No longer willing to continue on a path that has veered so far from the one filled with hope and promise that accompanied you into life, you are provided perhaps a final opportunity to make the necessary changes that allow your life to be enriched with things that are in your best interests offering purpose and joy, or leave.

Too many times the human response is to stand in the sands of time, firmly fixed in place, staring at the tide as it washes over your feet. The tide literally drags away the sand beneath you. This is a reflection of the years passing by being pulled from beneath you, disappearing forever. Life may seem not to be fair or that your path was more difficult. Why, why you wonder? Why did it work out this way, why did things never change? The answer of course is because you never changed. Even when the warnings came you survived them and returned to the sameness that was suffocating the best that you could become. Why?

Is Anybody Listening? The Universe Is Always Listening

Sometimes, in spite of your best efforts, beautiful prayers, and endless study, life appears to betray you, forcing you into a "battlefield state of consciousness." You find you must ready yourself to deal with your worst fears.

Conceivably, it can appear in the form of unemployment, homelessness, divorce, the death of a loved one, etc. Just maybe, this nightmare is a combination many things. It could even be all of the above. Even though you have made your spiritual quest a priority, it does not take long to see the cold hard facts. This leaves you thinking you are not going to make it. To keep this feeling of dying a painful death at bay takes all of your energy, leaving you without the strength to forge ahead.

Like a good steward, you quickly pop in the tape of your favorite motivational speaker, pull out your favorite prayer vigil, open a journal and start to grapple with these unwelcome visitors. About sixty days later, you realize you do not seem to be winning.

You have followed all of the advice given by ministers and motivators alike. Yes, all seems in vain. Even God seems to be hiding. So you cry out, "Is ANYBODY listening?"

Abruptly my meditation was broken by the sounds of people jet skiing. Instead of being annoyed, I remembered that "everything is temporary" and I was grateful for the blessing of this real moment, no matter how short.

As you are forced to battle and slay the negative forces and circumstances that are occurring in your life, remember this promise- this too shall pass. Just keep on keeping on. This wonderful universe is listening and the mere fact you are alive is a testament to the fact you are winning in spite of how it appears.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie warns of the danger of a single story and it is at times like these that we find ourselves focusing on the 20% of what is wrong in our lives and giving it our attention while ignoring and deflating the 80% of our lives that is working. Life does not give us problems or challenges, it gives us opportunities that are designed to help us to continue to step into our greatness.

When life presents you with a seemingly impossible opportunity make it an adventure - do the following: Look at your life six months from now. What must have happened for you to believe a miracle had occurred? As the answers are revealed to you, it is now time to start your new adventure today.

Live the life you've imagined. Dream Big!

Remember life is too short to drink cheap champagne!